Tech stack for my website

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I always want to learn a static site generator. To develop my website, I was going through different static site generators and finally zeroed on Gatsby.js

Gatsby.js is a framework build on top of Reactjs. It is not just a static site generator, even we can develop a complete single page application.

Why choose Gatsby.js?

One of the fast-growing Plugin echo system, we don't need to reinvent the wheel. We can use any plugins to get the result. I know a little bit of React so that I can make my components.

On CSS, I didn't want to use any CSS frames since I may not be using 10% of it. So I decided to write CSS myself. So tried to come up with a few CSS styles to keep minimal. I adhered KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle, to ensure we have common styles for all devices. I would suggest having a simple CSS style, and then we can add style as we have more components on the page.

For hosting, I choose Firebase, it is quite easy to host a website in firebase. All you need is a google account and a little bit of Firebase knowledge. I'm using Firebase free hosting plan, which I think will be fine for now. It includes a free SSL certificate from letsencrypt for your custom domain. The SSL certificate generate automatically and attached your domain. It saves a lot of effort.